About Chennai 

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu that is situated in the southern part of India. The city is located on the Bay of Bengal on the Coromandel Coast. This city is popularly called the “Gateway to South India” and is an important cultural and administrative centre.

Chennai has a mixed economy consisting of manufacturing, finance, telecommunications, transportation, health, education and government sectors.

The cultural life of the city of Chennai & the suburbs is very rich, and there are above 600 Hindu temples in the city and nearby. People from different backgrounds and various walks of life reside in this city, and they usually have several service requirements in their day-to-day lives. FabsMeta provides an online platform that allows experienced and skilled professionals to connect with users who look for certain services to cater to all these service requirements of the masses in Chennai. Once they are on the FabsMeta platform, the match-making algorithm effectively identifies the professionals closest to the concerned user’s requirement and are informed. These professionals who are available to provide the services at the desired date and time can accept the service order.