About Delhi 

The Union Territory of Delhi is national capital and is recognized as the nation’s heart. This city has a glorious past and has enriched heritage and culture. This city hosts a few notable historical monuments & has witnessed tremendous development with passing time. 

The overall influence of the existing religious diversity can be noticed here in Delhi with the impact of culture by the Mughals, British India, and ancient India. Several beautiful gardens are spread across the city, away from the extremely busy metro city life & away from the pollution. Also, there are several places of retreat in the city where the residents and visitors flock to spend quality time. 

Delhi is divided into 2 major divisions: Purani Dilli/Old Delhi & Nayi Dilli/New Delhi. The areas in Old Delhi is very popular for the ancient monuments and culture that it boasts & also the overcrowded lanes where people find gastronomical treats. 

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