About Bengaluru 

Bengaluru is a metropolitan city located in Karnataka state, about 920 meters above sea level in South India. This covers an area of around 741 square kilometers. Bengaluru is counted among India's three busiest and most progressive metropolitan cities (the other 2 being Mumbai and Delhi). This city is the capital city of the state of Karnataka as well. 

Bengaluru is also popularly referred to as the Garden City of India as a wide range of beautiful gardens & parks that are spread across the city. This city is home to several well-recognized and premier research centres, colleges, software companies, private industries, aerospace, and defence organizations, telecommunication companies, etc. Bengaluru is also referred to as the Silicon Valley of India as this is the nation's leading city hosting many IT companies. 

Bengaluru is the second position in the list of quickest-growing cosmopolitan cities with the most rapid growth of the numerous industries, especially the IT industry. As an outcome of the vast industrialization that has taken place in the past few years, the population growth rate has also increased rapidly. With such big and growing career opportunities in the city, people from other states of the country and also abroad are settling down in this city. With the growing population, the demand for cab, salon, and home-shifting services is growing. FabsMeta caters to all these demands by aggregating the best and verified professionals from the city whose services can be opted for conveniently and at an affordable price tag.