About Ahmedabad 

Ahmedabad was named after the founder of this city, Sultan Ahmed Shah. He founded the city way back in the year 1411. This is the biggest city of Gujarat and remained the capital city of Gujarat within the time period of 1960 till 1970. This city has a very strong association with India’s freedom fighting movement for Independence. 

Located on the River Sabarmati’s banks, this city is a hub of the textile industry that has been thriving big time through the passage of several decades. Ahmedabad is declared the biggest city of Gujarat, with several historical attractions and a rich heritage. 

Ahmedabad is presently the seventh largest metropolis in the country, apart from being the largest city in Gujarat. The city is a major financial and industrial hub and contributes approximately 14% of the entire investments in all the Indian stock exchanges. Also, this city is home to several exquisite temples, monuments, and modern buildings. This city also has some of the best educational and scientific institutions of regional, national & global importance. This city is well-known for its great architectural tradition. 

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