Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

The Website and its mobile application "FabsMeta" is owned & operated by FabsMeta Pvt. Ltd., a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 in India. FabsMeta, as a company, is involved in the business of bridging the gap between the service providers of different categories and the service seekers. The vision of the business is to empower the local professionals of every city by providing them with a continuous flow of work. 

This Privacy Policy sets out those privacy practices of the Company with due respect to the Website's content. 

This particular document is being published according to the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules and regulations that have been set accordingly. 
Here in this "Privacy Policy", the words "we", "us", & "our" solely refers to the Company & all the references to "you", "your", or "user" refers to the users of the FabsMeta site. 
The security and protection of a user's personal information is FabsMeta's topmost priority & thus, we have taken all the reasonable and necessary steps to protect the overall confidentiality of the user information & also its transmission via the internet. 

By using our Services & the Site or by providing any of your personal information, you automatically agree to abide by the terms mentioned in this Privacy Policy. The users also expressly consent to our usage & disclosure of their personal information in a matter prescribed under the Privacy Policy & further signify the agreement to the Privacy Policy & the Terms of Use. In case you do not agree to the clauses of the Privacy Policy, do not subscribe to the Site's Services, use the Website or provide us with any of your personal information. 

1.    Information collection 
FabsMeta can collect your information through your use of the Website or by joining the FabsMeta community on the social media platforms, or which is provided to any of the marketing partners or through any of the engagements with FabsMeta. We can collect & process the personal information that you provide on the FabsMeta site, including the following but not limited to the same: 
•    The information you provide during registration includes any specific information that identifies or has the potential to identify, locate or contact the users, like their name, email address, address, phone number and bank details. 
•    Any detail captured automatically by the FabsMeta website, like the operating system of the mobile phone/computer connected to the internet and given a particular domain name, IP address etc. When a user requests a page within the Website, the web server can recognize the IP address and domain name. The IP address and domain name do not reveal anything personal apart from the fact the IP address through which the Website is accessed. 

2.    Usage of the collected information 
Use of the Information for various Services 
The major goal of FabsMeta is to collect information for providing a platform for providing various Services to users. The Company holds the rights to use the information in the below-mentioned ways: 
•    For facilitating in providing the Services 
•    For observing, improving & administering the Service Quality 
•    For analyzing how the Website is used and also for diagnosing certain technical issues 
•    Remembering all the basic information that the users provide for an effective access
•    For help in providing the users with the proposed Services 
•    For observing, improving and administering the Service Quality 
•    For remembering all the basic information that you provide for the purpose of effective access 
•    For confirming the user's identity for determining their eligibility for using the Website and availing of the Services 
•    To notify the users regarding the changes made to the Website. 
•    To enable the Company to comply with all the legal & regulatory obligations. 
•    To send certain administrative notices, service-related alerts & similar kinds of communication, as detailed under the scope of the Privacy Policy, to optimize the Website's efficiency. 
•    Conduct the necessary market research, troubleshooting, project planning, and protection against all errors and any criminal activity & also for enforcing the Terms of Use set by the Company. 

Selling Assets, Merger, Acquisition as well as Bankruptcy 
The information collected from the users can be transferred to third-party service providers due to a sales deal or acquisition, bankruptcy or merger involving the FabsMeta Company. 
Cookies are usually very small pieces of information automatically retained by the browser you use on your device (mobile/computer). Cookies are being used to record the different aspects of a user's visit to assist the Company in providing the users with uninterrupted service. The information gathered by cookies and a few other web tracking technologies on the FabsMeta Website and the usage of that information are all subject to the options and disclosures mentioned in the Cookies Policy. 

3.    Information Sharing 
Targeted Advertising 
As a user, you express your acknowledgement & agree that you might have to transfer or share your Personal Information to a third-party service provider, for the service providers, as well as Google & other social media platforms for displaying FabsMeta advertisements as well as notifications on the websites throughout the internet, that are based on the information collected by FabsMeta. FabsMeta also holds the rights to display and optimize the past preferences and visits on the Website and the different Services being offered through the Website as per a part of the Services being offered. FabsMeta Company does not allow any unauthorized organization or person to use any information that the Company is likely to collect through the FabsMeta website. 

FabsMeta Company has the right to partner with some other party in providing certain required specific services. When a user signs up for a particular service, the Company will share the name as well as all other Personal Information that may be necessary for the third-party service provider. The information that can be shared is the names and other necessary Personal Information which are necessary for the third party in providing the particular Services. The Company's contractual arrangements with some other third party will restrict these particular parties from utilizing personally identifiable info except for any explicit purpose that may assist in providing the Services. 

When you opt to email a particular available service that is enlisted on the Website to your acquaintance, friend or relative, both your and your friend's names and email addresses will be asked for. Your and your friend's email addresses will be used for this purpose unless permission is granted otherwise. 

Regulatory disclosures 
We at FabsMeta cooperate with law enforcement, government officials, and private parties in enforcing and complying with the prevailing law. Thus, we have the authority to access, use, transfer, store and disclose any nature of information, including any personal information the disclosure to third parties like law enforcement or government officials as we determine the same as appropriate or necessary: 
•    For satisfying any applicable regulation, law, legal process or governmental request 
•    For the protection of the rights, safety, property and security of our Company and our offered Services
•    To protect the public's safety. 
•    For detecting, preventing or addressing any nature of fraud, a technical issue or a security gap
•    For preventing or stopping any nature of the activity that is likely to pose any kind of risk to the stakeholders of the Company 

Link to Third Party Websites 
The FabsMeta website is likely to contain any kind of links that may lead to some other Website. You should note that once you leave the Website of the Company, you will be subjected to the privacy policy of the other Website you will visit. The linked Website is not necessarily under our Company's control. You will have to be aware that the FabsMeta Company is not responsible for the other site's privacy practices. The Company encourages every user to thoroughly go through the privacy policies of every other Website likely to collect your personal information. In case you are likely to access any third-party site that is linked to FabsMeta's Website, you will do the same completely at your own risk. Any links to any of the Company's partners should be the linking party's responsibility. FabsMeta Company will not be held responsible for notifying any change in either the name or the location of the information posted on the Website. 
We can also further disclose the users' Personal Information to all such third parties to whom we already have transferred our rights & duties with the help of an agreement that is entered into between FabsMeta and third parties & also has the right to disclose any kind of Personal Information our subsidiaries, affiliates or any other entity related to us. 

4.    Information's security 
FabsMeta Company has put in place certain appropriate methodologies & managerial procedures for safeguarding and securing Personal Information. The Company only processes the Personal Information in nature that it deems to be compatible with & is relevant for a purpose for the reason it was collected or is authorized by a concerned user. The Website permits the users to access all their Personal Information & allows them to correct, amend, and delete all inaccurate information. 
Our Company uses specific and commercial precautions to preserve the security and integrity of all the information against theft, loss, disclosure, unauthorized access and reproduction. 
The information collected from the users can be transferred, stored & processed at any destination in or outside India. By submitting the necessary information on our Website, you automatically agree to this particular transferring, processing and storing of the information. The Company may take such steps as this considers reasonably necessary to ensure that the information is treated securely and per the mentioned Privacy Policy. 
While using our Website, you automatically accept all the inherent and critical security implications of the data transmission that happens over the internet. Thus, the usage of our Website will be at your risk, and the Company is likely to assume that there is no liability for any information disclosure due to errors in the transmission, unauthorized access of any third party or any other act conducted by any third party. 
In case our Company is aware of any security breach regarding the information, it will very quickly notify you and take any actions that it deems appropriate to its best capacity and prove a suitable remedy for the breach. 

5.    Exclusion 
This particular Privacy Policy does not apply to any kind of information apart from the information that has been collected from the Website. This particular Privacy Policy will not at all apply to any of the unsolicited information that any user has provided through the FabsMeta website or by some other means. This specifically includes but is certainly not limited to agents, employees, third parties, and partners of the Company. 

6.    Retention of date 
The Company will not retain any nature of Personal Information any longer, if not necessary, for fulfilling any purpose of its collection as per the applicable law. In case you wish in cancelling your account from the FabsMeta website or to request the Company not to utilize your personal information any further, you can contact the FabsMeta team by writing an email to the Company's email address mentioned on the "Contact Us" page of the Website. Once your account is finally terminated, FabsMeta Company will not retain your Personal Information any further as a part of our regulatory and legal obligations. 

7.    Right pertaining to withdrawal of consent 
The consent that you may provide for collecting, using and disclosing your Personal information will remain valid until you withdraw the same in writing. In case you are willing to withdraw your given consent, FabsMeta Company will stop processing any kind of relevant Personal Information except to the extent that the Company has several other grounds for processing the Personal Information as per the applicable laws. The Company expresses its consent to respond to your request within an agreed timeframe. You may withdraw your consent at any moment just by contacting the Company or using the Website's functionalities. 

8.    Right to correcting 
Every user of FabsMeta will be responsible for maintaining the information you have submitted to the Company, like the contact information you provided at the time of registering your account on FabsMeta. The Company fully relies on the users to disclose all accurate, non-confidential and relevant information. If you are willing to change or correct any personal information you provided earlier, you can submit a request by emailing FabsMeta. 

9.    Access out of India 
FabsMeta Company makes no representation claiming that the Website can suitably be used out of India. This particular document is being published as per the provisions mentioned in the Information Technology Act 2000, and FabsMeta Company is completely compliant with the prevailing laws in India. In case any particular user access or use the FabsMeta Website outside India, then they will do the same at their risk and are also responsible for complying with the laws of the Company.   

10.     Changes in notification 
From time to time, FabsMeta has the right to update this privacy policy to reflect changes to the information practices. The changes will stand effective immediately once the revised draft of the Privacy Policy is published on the Website. In case the Company makes any material change, the Company will surely notify you via an email (to your email added specified in the FabsMeta account) or by some other means. 

11.     Opt-in and opt-out procedures 
Upon registering, you will surely receive some kind of communication from the Company's end. Also, you can opt-out from receiving any communication from the Company's end. If you wish to remove your contact details from FabsMeta's mailing list permanently, you can contact us and let us know through email. 

12.     Grievance Officer 
As per the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules under the same, FabsMeta has a Grievance Officer who handles any discrepancy or case or misusing any personal information provided by a user to FabsMeta. The contact details of the grievance officer in FabsMeta are as follows: 
Name:  Preeti
Contact Number: 9811754585 
Email ID:

13.     Addressable for the privacy questions 
In case you have any queries or questions regarding FabsMeta's Privacy Policy, you can email us your queries. Our team will put in reasonable efforts in answering you promptly to your questions, requests or concerns. This is to clarify that the Company will not respond to any question that is unrelated to this Privacy Policy. 

Cookies Policy 
FabsMeta Pvt. Ltd. completely understands that the users' privacy is crucial and is thus committed to being transparent regarding the technologies we use. This particular Cookies Policy clearly explains how and why FabsMeta can store the Cookies. You should necessarily go through the below-listed Cookies Policy carefully before you opt to use our Website. 
By clicking the "Accept" tab on the Cookie banner, you will provide us with your consent to store and access Cookies & other technologies to track as described in this Cookies Policy. 
For the purposes of this Cookies Policy, the words "we "and "our" refer to FabsMeta Pvt. Ltd and all the references to "you", "user" or "your" refer to the person who accesses, participates as well as uses the FabsMeta website in some capacity or manner. 

1.    What are referred to as cookies? 
Cookies are tiny text files that include certain unique identities that are usually sent by any web server to the targeted web browsers, and this is then sent back to the same server every time the concerned browser requests for any page from that particular server. 
Cookies have proved to be very useful for enabling some internet websites to recognize your and logging when you visit a page, providing some secure connection to a particular website & enhancing your overall user experience. 

2.    What methods does a website adopt for using cookies? 
We at FabsMeta can use the users' information collected from the Cookies to identify user behaviour and for serving content & offer also extend offers as relevant as per your profile. This helps us personalize the users' experience and enhance the overall user experience of our Website. 
We allow third-party service givers to serve as per their tailored ads to FabsMeta users and further permit them to access the Cookies they have set up or any technology they might be used for tracking the users. 
The user of FabsMeta acknowledges and agrees that the third-party service giver has the right to use Cookies or any other similar technology. 
We do not have access to the Terms or Privacy Policy governing the cookies usage of third-party service providers. 

3.    Information on the different types of cookies that FabsMeta is using 
Provided below are the details of various types of Cookies which are being used by our Website: 

Technical Cookies: 
These particular Cookies are deemed to be necessary for enabling you to move around our Website & the usage of its features. These particular Cookies allow our Website to remember the user's previous actions within the same browsing session. 

Analytical Cookies: 
These particular Cookies are being used by FabsMeta or any of the third-party service providers to analyze how our Website is being used and how they are performing. We use cookies to know from which country you are browsing our Website. We also often use Cookies from Websites and Google Analytics for obtaining intelligence and web analytic report of our Website. 

Functional Cookies:
These particular cookies allow our Website to remember the users' choices and provide some personalized and enhanced features. 

Advertising & Retargeting Cookies: 
These particular cookies help save information from the user's browsing history for recording their interests and browsing path on the FabsMeta website. We are free to use targeting and advertising cookies for retargeting, enabling our advertising partners to target the right audience for advertising. 

4.    How can you withdraw or refuse your consent to the usage of the cookies? 
If you disagree with the usage of cookies to be tracking your device, you should set your preferences by clicking "Cookie Preferences", which you can find at the bottom of our webpage. You can change your preferences here anytime, and from here, you can withdraw the consent you gave us earlier regarding the usage of cookies.