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1550 Users enquired in last 30 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Mehndi artists charge hourly?

A: Mehndi artists charge for an entire event. Their fee can increase or decrease based on the type of design you want or the number of people getting the mehndi created. 

Q: How to ensure that you are not hiring a newbie Mehndi artist?

A: Search for a henna artist near me on FabsMeta to find pre-verified and skilled mehndi design creators in your city. 

Q: Do Mehndi artists charge extra for weddings?

A: Mehndi charges may increase due to the busy schedule of the artist. Besides, you may need to pay extra if the artist creates several mehndi designs for various guests. 

Q: How to ensure the Mehndi artist will provide the best design?

A: Check some pictures of Mehndi designs created by the artist or ask for a trial before the event. 

Q: How long does Mehndi design last?

A: It can last 1-3 weeks depending on the quality of the mehndi. 

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Tips for Finding the Best Mehndi Artist in Chennai

Mehndi artists are skilled professionals specializing in creating eye-grabbing designs with henna. People search for talented mehndi artist in Chennai to decorate their hands and legs with top-quality henna paste. It creates temporary designs that bring positive spirits and good luck. 

Whether it is a wedding or a social event, Indians love to get impressive Mehndi designs. Top mehndi artists promise to craft Instagrammable patterns that last for several days. FabsMeta has helped thousands of users in finding top-rated mehndi artists in their cities. Continue reading to learn how to pick the best Mehndi designer in Chennai

Things to Check Before Hiring a Mehndi Artist

Types of designs the mehndi artist can create

Different types of mehndi designs are suitable for different occasions. Choose a professional who can provide the best design for the occasion. 

  • Bridal mehndi design: Most Indian weddings include the mehndi ceremony as an important ritual. A bridal mehndi includes many elements, such as flowers, bride & groom sketches, birds, etc. This type of design is more traditional and a work of art. 
  • Arabic design: It is tough to find an artist specializing in Arabic mehndi designs because of the complexity of patterns. It includes a lot of shading and complex patterns. Only a mehndi art Chennai specialist can deliver the best Arabic henna designs. 
  • Indian design: Being one of the most widely chosen sublime types of henna designs, Indian mehndi patterns always have a meaning or message. Impeccable detailing makes Indian designs pretty popular across the globe. Those designs look pretty eye-grabbing. Therefore, most brides and grooms choose Indian patterns. 
  • Indo-Arabic design: Known as an all-purpose mehndi design, the Indo-Arabic mehndi style is suitable for all traditional events. Whether you are celebrating a friend’s wedding or an important festival, this type of mehndi is perfect to enjoy the event. 
  • Moroccan design: This mehndi design includes tribal patterns and symbols. Most Western clients choose this design for its artistic appeal. Geometric patterns and impressive shapes make it pretty special for all sorts of occasions. 
  • Khafif design: Khafif means light in Arabic and this mehndi pattern focuses on detailing. Only the top artists can produce flawlessly-crafted figures and shapes included in Khafif Mehndi's design. 
  • Pakistani design: Mehndi ceremony is an important tradition in India and Pakistan. Designs have changed in both countries. Pakistani designs appear more traditional because of elements, such as leaves, flowers, and mandala art. 
  • Indo-Western design: Choose an artist specializing in crafting Indo-Western henna patterns when you are looking for a fusion of East and West. This type of mehndi pattern looks cleaner and pretty stunning for social events. 
  • African designs: Skin arts have been popular in Africa for many centuries. African mehndi designs have evolved over many decades. Those designs have ample gaps between patterns and they might appear a bit similar to Arabic designs. 

FabsMeta offers comprehensive mehndi artist description with their area of expertise. Check all the details carefully before you contact the artist. 

Check Mehndi artist’s portfolio 

Indian Mehndi artists take their job pretty seriously. This work requires artistic skills that very few people possess. They love to display their expertise through a perfectly-planned portfolio. It may take time to have a face-to-face interaction with the artist. So, search for a Mehndi artist near me, find the artist, and check some pictures of Mehndi created by the shortlisted artist.  

Many Mehndi artists have created portfolios. They provide pictures of mehndi patterns they have created for various clients. Choose a professional whose portfolio impresses you the most. 

Can you get a trial?

You won’t like to hire a newbie if you are getting a mehndi for your wedding. Contact the shortlisted mehndi artist through FabsMeta and ask for a trial. Some professionals provide free trials, especially when you are planning to hire them for bridal or groom mehndi. Get a mehndi artist near me contact number through FabsMeta and then ask for a trial. 

Is the artist free on the required date?

Mehndi artists get pretty busy during the wedding and festival seasons. We have listed the most admired Mehndi artists from all the cities. Check Mehndi colour quotes and contact them to ensure availability on the required date. Hire the artist if he/she is available for your mehndi ceremony on other occasions. 

How Much Do Mehndi Artists Charge in Chennai?

Mehndi artist charges vary depending on the occasion and the type of designs clients want. Average fees charged by mehndi artists in Chennai are as follows:

  • Rupees 100-200 for a half-hand mehndi 
  • Rupees 400-700 for a full hand mehndi, which includes designs on both sides of the client’s hand. 
  • Rupees 1,500-3,500 for creating mehndi on both sides of the hands and legs.
  • Rupees 3,000-15,000 for bridal mehndi

Get the latest quotes from a reputed henna artist in Chennai to assess how much you may need to spend to get a beautiful mehndi. 

Why FabsMeta is the Best Place to Hire a Professional Mehndi Artist?

FabsMeta provides the best mehndi artist rates and professionals creating mehndi designs for many years. Our team has carefully assessed the artistic skills of professionals offering their services in the city. 

Search for a mehndi design artist near me on FabsMeta and we will present top-rated artists operating in your region. You can contact them through this platform, get instant quotes and pictures, and hire a professional providing the best service in the city. 

Search for Mehndi artist near me with price to reveal price details before communicating with the artist. We assure you that you will save a lot of money if hiring the mehndi artist for a wedding ceremony. 

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