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1550 Users enquired in last 30 Days

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Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of fridge repair at Home in Dehradun

. What is the estimated cost of fridge repair in Dehradun?

A. Fridge repair in Dehradun can cost anywhere between 150 rupees and 1,000 rupees. Electrical appliance repair services may charge 150-400 rupees for inspection charges. The repair work can cost from 500 to 1,500 rupees. The repair cost does not include the cost of replacement parts!

Renowned service providers charge 400-800 rupees for refrigerator gas filling in Dehradun. You may need to spend 600 to 800 rupees for annual fridge maintenance. Get a refrigerator repair contact number now on FabsMeta to know the exact fridge repair cost. 

Q. Should you spend money on fridge repair?

A. Yes, you should repair the refrigerator to keep it functioning efficiently. Suppose you own a Samsung fridge, find experts for Samsung fridge repair in Dehradun. A well-maintained refrigerator operates efficiently without increasing your power bills. 

Refrigerators are built to provide years of unproblematic service. Regular maintenance can further increase their lifespan. Therefore, you should spend money on fridge maintenance and repair. 

Q. Why does the fridge stops cooling?

A. A refrigerator can malfunction due to several factors. Poor ventilation, dirty condenser coils, faulty gasket seals, improper installation, lack of gas, etc. can affect the performance of a fridge. 

It can get pretty troubling if the fridge stops cooling during hot summer days. Find a fridge repair service center in Dehradun on FabsMeta to call an expert technician as soon as possible. Our service partners respond rapidly and repair the malfunctioning component of the fridge to restore optimal performance. 

Q. Which component of the fridge costs the most expensive fees?

A. The control board is an expensive component to repair in a refrigerator. If you call an expert for LG fridge repair in Dehradun, the technician will charge over 500 -1500 rupees as per the isssue and maintenance work. Repairing this component is pretty expensive because a fridge can’t operate without its control board. It can get more affordable if you call professionals suggested on FabsMeta. 

Q. Why only the freezer is working in my fridge?

A. If only the freezer is working in your refrigerator, its defrost system is malfunctioning. Get a fridge service contact number and call a fridge technician now. The evaporator coils might be covered with ice. 

The repairman will clear coils and fix other issues with the defrost system to make it work efficiently. Search for refrigerator service near me on FabsMeta to find the nearest fridge service. We will help you find experienced and reliable technicians for same-day fridge repair in Dehradun. 

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Low Cost fridge repair service at home in Dehradun, Refrigerator Repair Near Me

A fridge is one of the essential appliances in our home, and this is being used throughout the year across several households. However, it is indispensable to have a fridge during the summer. If you are looking for the best fridge repair in Dehradun, you should hire the best professionals to achieve the best results. 

What are the major features you should look for while selecting a service provider of fridge repair in Dehradun?  

There are several fridge repair service centers in Dehradun. However, you should be judicious in choosing the best refrigerator service provider near meThe major parameters that you should look for are as follows: 

  • The concerned service provider should offer competitive pricing plans at par with the market standards.  
  • They should accept a paperless and seamless online transaction while receiving their payment. 
  • The providers of Samsung fridge repair in Dehradun and LG fridge repair in Dehradun should offer a contract instantly for the service being provided. 
  • There shouldn't be any compulsory requirement to keep & storing paper copies of the service contract. 
  • Raising a request for a service or repair can be done in a few seconds. 
  • They should offer the facility of auto schedule as per your service plan, and that can be done easily and conveniently with just a few clicks on your computer or a few taps on your Smartphone. 
  • The service provider should offer a tool or mechanism that enables you to view the complete service history. 
  • They should have the capacity to offer AMC to the customers. 

What are the ways to keep your fridge in great condition for years? 

The ways you should adopt for maintaining your fridge in a great and workable condition for years are: 

  • Cleanliness and coils – Your refrigerator cannot run efficiently if the condenser coils happen to be covered with dust. This is necessary to clean the fridge coils at least twice annually to maintain them clean. This can be easily done with a vacuum cleaner to which a brush is attached. When you opt for a refrigerator service near me, the professional technician can also thoroughly clean the refrigerator's coils during the service session. 
  • Keep an eye on the door seals – You can adopt a DIY approach at home to clean the door seals of your fridge at regular intervals. You can use a solution made of water and baking soda to clean the door seals. If you find the door seals of your fridge have become loose, then the cool air from the fridge will start to sip out, which will hamper the fridge's functioning and lead to energy wastage. Thus, you should call a fridge repair provider in Dehradun to fix this immediately. 
  • Right temperature – You are always recommended to run your fridge at the right temperature, and this information can be found in your fridge's user manual. 

How to find a refrigerator service near me? 

You can opt to find a refrigerator service near me online through a trusted online service aggregator platform FabsMeta that enlists the verified and best fridge repair service centres in Dehradun. You can choose the best one that serves your purpose well and provide services in your locality. 

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