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1550 Users enquired in last 30 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to find an electric bike showroom quickly in India?

A: Go to FabsMeta and search for an electric bike showroom in near me. You will find showrooms of both new and old electric bike/scooter brands in a few seconds. 

Q: Why electric bikes/scooters are costly?

A: Those vehicles are equipped with expensive batteries and motors that increase the on-road price of electric bikes. 

Q: Are there charging stations available on Indian highways to charge EVs?

A: Yes, many companies are establishing an EV charging network on Indian highways to eliminate the range anxiety issue. 

Q: How often do you need to change an electric bike’s battery?

A: Experts believe you may need to change the battery pack after 8-10 years. 

Q: Do electric bikes/scooters really provide the range they claim?

A: Yes, they deliver the range in the Eco Mode. It reduces when you ride the electric bike in sports mode or normal mode.  

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Finding the Electric Bike Showroom in Jaipur, Ev Scooter Showroom Jaipur

Expensive petrol and diesel prices are forcing vehicle owners to search for a cheaper alternative. Electric vehicles or EVs have emerged as reliable alternatives to petrol cars and bikes. The EV market size is growing rapidly in India. Experts believe about 15% of bikes in India will be EVs by 2025. 

All the renowned Motorcycle-selling companies are working on new electric bikes. There are sufficient options for electric scooters if you wish to buy now. FabsMeta can help you find a reputed electric bike showroom in Jaipur in a few minutes. There might be some new brands, but they will dominate the Indian market soon! 

Things to Check Before Choosing an Electric Bike in India

Consider the following factors to pick the best Electric bike showroom in Jaipur for your first e-bike:

  • Brand reputation

Both new and old bike companies are introducing electric bikes in India. Some of them established showrooms across Jaipur and other cities in India. The rest are operating online and shipping electric bikes directly to customers’ homes. 

Do not trust all the claims made by an electric bike brand. Choose a brand that has delivered durable, reliable, and feature-rich electric bikes and scooters in India. Thus, you will shortlist some of the finest electric scooter showroom in Jaipur

  • Build quality

Indian bikes are known for their rugged quality and astonishing mileage. Therefore, reputed Indian motorcycle companies have become the first choice of buyers in many countries. Electric bikes come in various eye-grabbing shapes. Do they provide the build quality buyers expect from Indian bikes?

Shortlist companies delivering sturdy electric scooters and bikes for Indian roads. The bike should be built to run smoothly over rough and damaged roads. Avoid EVs that might break down due to unexpected shocks and bad road conditions. 

  • Range

Indians always consider the mileage of the bike or a car before making the final decision. Electric bikes have a range that depicts how long the bike can run on one charge. You may have a rough estimation of how much you travel every day. Jaipur is a large city and you may sometimes need to travel above 100km. 

Search for an electric bike showroom in near me on FabsMeta to find bikes with the best range. The top-selling electric scooters claim to provide over the 120-kilometer range on one charge. You can also find bikes with a similar range. Explore all available options to shortlist the best electric bikes. 

  • Battery capacity and lifespan

Electric bikes and scooters are battery-powered vehicles. Companies equip their vehicles with 2-4kWh batteries to offer decent power and range. An electric bike with a 3-4kWh battery pack can offer over a 100-kilometer range. Bikes with smaller battery packs will have a limited range. 

Avoid electric bikes equipped with poor-quality battery packs. Ensure the battery has a decent lifespan. It should power your vehicle at least for 6-8 years without reducing the range. 

Check the battery warranty because it is the most expensive component of an electric bike or scooter. Bikes with the latest lithium-ion battery packs are offering the best range. The Top 5 Electric Bikes in India have 

  • Warranty and battery charging time

Check the battery warranty and motor warranty before you choose to visit an electric bike showroom in Jaipur. The motor installed in an electric bike can cost ¾ of the bike’s on-road price. Batteries are the most expensive components. 

The EV company should offer at least a 3-year warranty on batteries and a similar warranty on the motor. Avoid an electric bike that does not provide a decent warranty and after-sales service. Besides, check how long the electric bike takes to fully charge its batteries. A bike with a 3–6-hour charging time is perfect for regular use. 

  • After-sales service

Electric bikes do not require regular maintenance like petrol bikes. However, users have reported some serious issues with batteries and other components of electric scooters. The electric bike company should have multiple service centers established in the city. Thus, you can expect satisfying after-sales service from the company. 

How Much Does Electric Bikes Cost in India?

The electric bike Price in India varies from one brand to another brand. You can find e-bikes and scooters charging from 40,000 rupees to 3 lakh rupees. Affordable electric scooters provide a decent range and power. Expensive electric bikes and scooters provide powerful vehicles with a 120+ kilometer range. 

Top 5 Electric Bikes/Scooters in India

The following are the top 5 electric bikes in India in terms of range, performance, and durability:

  1. Revolt RV400

This AI-enabled electric bike has been the most popular EV for the last 2-3 years. It comes with a 3000-watt motor and 3.24 kWh battery pack. It can run up to 150 kilometers in the eco mode and up to 100 kilometers in normal mode. 

  1. Ather 450X

Always ranked among the Top 5 Electric Scooter in India, Ather 450X is a powerful EV. It has a sturdy structure along with a 3.3 kWh battery, a 6400-watt battery, and cutting-edge in-display features. The company claims a range of 150 km in full charge and it takes up to 6 hours to completely charge batteries. 

  1. OLA S1 Pro

OLA is India’s best electric scooter-selling company. Its OLA S1 Pro is the most popular battery-powered scooter in the country. It provides a 4-kWh battery pack with an 11000W motor. This company claims a range of 195km in one charge! The scooter may take up to 7 hours to charge batteries completely. 

  1. TVS iQube 

It is another top-selling electric scooter in India. You get iQube with a 3-kWh battery pack and a 4400W motor. It claims a range of 145km/charge and up to 3 hours of charging time. This scooter is attracting many buyers because of TVS company’s satisfying after-sales service. 

  1. Ultraviolet F77

This bike is for sports bike fans. It comes with a massive 10.5-kWh battery pack and a 30200-watt motor. It has a range of over 300 kilometers and it costs over 3 lakh rupees. It is perfect for users looking for an electric alternative to powerful sports bikes in India. 

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