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1550 Users enquired in last 30 Days

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Most Frequently Asked Questeions (FAQs) of Used Car/ Pre-Owned Car/ Second Hand Car


What are the things to check before you buy a used car in Jaipur?

Buying a used car could come with a fair share of troubles. There are multiple things to consider, enquire, and examine before buying a second-hand automobile. Below are the pointers one must tick off before signing any deal with a second-hand car vendor.

a) The buyer should thoroughly check all the important documents related to the vehicle before buying a pre-owned car from a second-hand car dealer in Jaipur.

b) You must check the vehicle’s insurance papers to ensure that the car has not met with any accident in the past, nor does it have any existing insurance claims.

c) You must get a mechanic to conduct a thorough car check.

d) Make sure the chassis number and the engine number match the number in the registration.

e) One must check the tyres, brakes, accelerator and clutch before buying a used car or pre-owned car in Jaipur. The test drive should be smooth. Any vibration or squeaking noise could be alarming.

Are all the used cars in good condition?

With so many used cars available for buying, there might be a risk of not having all of them checked before the dealers put them up for sale. With the trusted second-hand car dealers listed on FabsMeta, we assure all our customers that all the pre-owned cars available have undergone meticulous checks and examinations. All the cars are well-evaluated, so you don’t get a chance to complain. Every car here goes through exhaustive inspections, and then a complete evaluation of an automobile is done. We also check whether there is unsettled finance, history of theft, RTO background, and service record. If a car satisfactorily goes past all the checks, we enlist them to our catalogue.

Am I allowed to negotiate the price while buying a used car in Jaipur?

The prices of the used cars listed with us are already very reasonable that you will not feel the need to negotiate at all. is a trusted platform where numerous reliable used car dealers in Jaipur are listed. The prices are set after a rigorous check of different factors of the automobile. The experts decide the prices after going through a thorough check f the cars. There are no hidden charges included; we have set the reasonable prices for the best-in-class experience, a 7-day return policy, free delivery at your doorstep, zero return or cancellation charges etc. There may be extra charges claimed by the RTO while transferring the ownership.

What are the delivery charges for home delivery of the car?

None! We don’t charge you for delivering the car to your doorstep. While you prepare to welcome your new vehicle, we take care of the rest.

What happens if I don’t like the car after purchasing it?

There is no need to worry. We have a return policy tailored to meet your needs. After you buy a used car through us, you can test drive it in whatever way you want. After that, if you feel that it is not the car you are looking for, you can return it to us in a hassle-free procedure to get a cancel booking.

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Everything you should know before buying used cars in Jaipur with FabsMeta

Have you ever seen a beautiful and stylish car on the roads of Jaipur and wished to have it? But unfortunately, you don't have the money to buy it. If you are in such a situation, don't worry, we are here to help you. You can easily buy second-hand cars in Jaipur under 2 lakh. FabsMeta is the largest online platform for buying used cars where you can buy used cars in Jaipur. 

It is not necessary to buy second-hand cars in Jaipur just for financial reasons. Many purchases used vehicles for up-skilling their driving skills and sometimes for budget restraints. Whatever the reasons are, you can buy used cars in Jaipur easily. The article discusses the factors to consider before buying a used car and the benefits of buying used cars from FabsMeta. 

Factors to consider before buying a used car

You can buy used cars for different reasons and from different sellers. You can buy used cars in Jaipur by owners or by dealers. But from wherever you buy used cars in Jaipur, you must consider the below-mentioned factors.


The most important factor to consider while buying a used car is to know your budget. When you know your budget, you can choose the model and brand of the vehicle you want to buy.

Check the condition of the car

Once you have decided which car you have to buy, it is essential to check the condition of the vehicle minutely before deciding on buying it. The lists of things about the car you must check before buying it are:

  • Interior and exterior- Check the interior of the car, like the back and front seats, monitor, music system of the car, etc., of the car. You must also look at the vehicles from every angle. Check whether the car has any paint damage or rusting.
  • Tyres- You must check the wear and tear of the tyres of the car before buying them. 
  • Mileage- Try to check the details of the mileage of the car from the seller.
  • Engine- Check the condition of the engine thoroughly. Look out for corrosion, leaks, or cracked tubes if there are any in the engine. Also, check the transmission and oil fluid of the engine.
  • Test drive- Take the tested car to narrow streets and highways and take U-turns to understand the condition of the vehicle in a better way. 

Maintenance records

You must check for a detailed service record regarding the maintenance history of the car.

Registration certificate

To verify the authenticity of the car, you must check the registration certificate of the vehicle. You must ask for the insurance, invoice, pollution certificate, and other necessary documents of the car. 

Benefits of buying used cars from FabsMeta

Buy pre-owned cars in Jaipur from FabsMeta and enjoy these benefits:

  • Buying used cars from FabsMeta can help you in saving a lot of money
  • FabsMeta's provider thoroughly checks and inspects the cars before selling second-hand cars
  • FabsMeta's provider provides trusted service, so that you can buy used cars from us without any tension
  • You can observe a lot of price difference if you compare it with FabsMeta and other dealers selling used cars in Jaipur

Buy used cars in Jaipur from FabsMeta and enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful car also in less amount of money.

Buying used cars has become very easy nowadays with the help of platforms like FabsMeta. You can also buy second-hand cars in Jaipur on EMI by visiting us. We ensure you the best quality service and checked products.

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