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1550 Users enquired in last 30 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the toughest part of learning roller skating?

A: The toughest part of the training is maintaining balance and moving forward. Once you learn that, you can gradually start moving and enjoying this activity. 

Q: What is the minimum age to learn roller skating?

A: The kid must be at least 4 years old to learn roller skating. 

Q: Can adults learn roller skating in Kolkata?

A: Yes, recreational skating trainers can teach any adult to skate like a pro. 

Q: Can I pay hourly for skating classes in Kolkata?

A: Yes, you can pay hourly fees to learn roller skating. The trainer may charge 500-600 rupees per hour for a one-on-one training session. 

Q: Is roller skating a risky activity?

A: You can have a lot of fun with your friends if you skate like a pro. Do not forget to wear safety gear otherwise you may get injured if you fall on the ground! 

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Discover the Best Skating Training Classes in Kolkata through FabsMeta

Roller skating is a fun activity. It has emerged as a competitive and recreational sport across the globe. Both kids and adults love to try skating for fun. It can be dangerous for beginners, who never got wheels underneath their shoes. Regular training can be pretty helpful when you wish to roll like a pro.  

Join skating classes in Kolkata to learn how to maintain balance, move forward, and control your motion on skates. Skilled trainers will ensure you do not fall on the ground and learn faster. It can be beneficial for kids, who wish to become a pro in figure skating, speed skating, and other skating sports. 

Tips for Finding the Best Skating Classes in Kolkata

It will be super easy to find the best skating classes in Kolkata if you focus on the following factors:

  • Age group

Roller skating academies design programs for candidates of specific age groups. Those programs might be for kids and teenagers, or some trainers may also welcome interested adults. Choose a roller-skating class suitable for candidates of your or your kids’ age group. 

  • Curriculum 

What type of skating curriculum you are looking for? Do you wish to learn skating for fun or compete with other professionals? You may find skating coaching in Kolkata, where newbie trainers guide candidates. They teach basic skating techniques, but they have no experience teaching advanced skating techniques. 

FabsMeta recommends skating classes, where students learn free skating, synchronized skating, pairs, artistry motions, and more techniques. It becomes a fun activity and you gain confidence to compete with the best in the town. 

  • Assurance of safety

The skating class should offer a covered area and a smooth surface to avoid injuries. Beginners may fall and get injured. The training centre should have trained staff to prevent and manage injuries. 

Avoid training centres infamous for poor treatment of injured students. Search skating academy that offers top-quality safety gear and trained staff for skating training in Kolkata. 

  • Coaching Staff

FabsMeta recommends a skating academy, where several experienced teachers train 4+ years old kids. They explain skills and help students practise those skills. The additional staff helps little ones in rolling smoothly without falling too often on the ground. 

The coaching staff should answer all questions and resolve all confusions students have in their minds. The staff should focus on all students equally to ensure learners progress faster and skat like skilled performers. 

  • Location of the skating academy 

Do you wish to join a skating academy located near your residence? If yes, FabsMeta is the best place to find skateboard classes in Kolkata. You can request information regarding the best sating classes in your region. Our team will respond with the information of the top 3-5 skating coaching providers. 

  • Skating coaching duration and fees

The skating coaching centre in Kolkata provides hourly training. Students learn and practice skating for 1-2 hours during the coaching time. It may take two-three weeks or 10-12 classes to skate like a well-trained individual. Most students start maintaining balance and moving gradually within a few classes. 

A Guide for Finding Roller Skating Classes on FabsMeta

  • Step 1: Search for skating coaching in Kolkata on FabsMeta. You will get many pre-verified skating coaching classes in the search result. Check all classes carefully and then shortlist classes located near your residence. 
  • Step 2: Contact the shortlisted skating coaching providers through FabsMeta. Get information regarding the coaching schedule, duration, and fees. As mentioned earlier, you can contact our team to get information on the best skating classes located in your area to save time. 
  • Step 3: Compare coaching fees, assess the skating training schedule, and then pick a skating academy providing the best training under your budget range. 

What is Skating Coaching Fee in Kolkata?

Skating classes charge 200-300 rupees for a 1-2 hour long skating training session. You may need to pay up to 1500 rupees per month for 4-5 training sessions.

The skating coaching fees can be a bit cheaper or costlier depending on the training facility, trainer’s expertise, and training module you choose! It may take more than 12 training sessions to learn skating techniques. Practise regularly with the trainer and you improve much faster than people who try to skate on their own.

Why Should You Trust FabsMeta to Find the Best Skating Classes in Kolkata?

FabsMeta has become a one-stop destination to find India’s best coaches and trainers. We provide information regarding top-skilled trainers, who provide athletic and recreational training. Most kids wish to learn roller skating for recreational purposes. FabsMeta is the best place to find seasoned skating trainers for recreational skating. We list:

  • Skilled and experienced trainers, who have trained numerous students till now. 
  • Skating academies prepare students for competitive skating and offer the best training modules to learn advanced skating techniques. 
  • You can contact us and get information regarding any service you require in your city. Our team will present the best solutions within the shortest possible time via email or text message. 
  • We provide 24-7 customer service if users do not get services as promised by our service associates. 

It never happened that the skating coaching centre recommended at FabsMeta charged hidden fees or extra money for training. Our users always praise the support and services they find on this platform.

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