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1550 Users enquired in last 30 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the right age to learn drawing?

A: A 4 years old kid can start learning drawing. However, you can hone your drawing skills at any age you like!

Q: Which course should I take to become a professional artist?

A: You should choose a Bachelor of Fine Arts and BA in fine arts and painting to become a certified artist. 

Q: Is drawing a fun activity?

A: Yes, people draw for fun, but it is a relaxing activity and it allows you to express what you feel through an artwork. 

Q: Who should learn drawing?

A: Anyone, who is interested in creating eye-catching paintings, should learn to draw. 

Q: Do drawing classes charge expensive fees?

A: Reputed drawing classes can charge 800-1000 rupees per month. Private tutors can charge extra if you take painting classes at home

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Discover the Top Art Classes in Jaipur to Learn Drawing and Painting 

Parents always buy coloured pencils, watercolours, sketch pens, and other drawing tools to entertain kids. The little ones love to draw whatever they can. What if you are a teenager or an adult willing to draw like a professional artist? Should you go for it? Yes, you should take drawing classes in Jaipur or some other city to improve your drawing skills. 

Many skilled artists are helping Indian students and adults in improving their drawing skills. They share techniques and skills that make drawing any object a piece of cake. It required dedication and consistent practice, but trainees start drawing like a pro. Continue reading to find the best drawing classes online

Can Anyone Learn Drawing or Painting?

Some gifted individuals may draw naturally and create appealing objects on paper. The rest of us need to learn drawing techniques to craft eye-grabbing figures on the canvas. Can anyone learn to draw? Yes, proper training and assistance can help anyone in developing drawing skills. 

Many renowned artists learnt drawing after regular practice. They did know how to draw until they were trained by a skilled artist. So, stop thinking that great painters and artists are born with this talent. You can learn to draw the most complex figures and portraits if you train under a skilled artist. 

How to Choose the Right Drawing Class?

You will find many drawing classes when you search for drawing classes near me. Consider the following factors to pick the right class to hone your drawing skills:

  • Assess your skill level

Drawing classes many offer many courses. It can be tough to choose a course that is suitable for you. Check whether the syllabus aligns with your learning goals or not. Is it suitable for trainees with your drawing skill level or not? Choose a course designed for your skill level to learn efficiently. 

  • Drawing style

Look for drawing classes for kids near me if it is your kid who wants to learn drawing. The trainer will first teach the basics of drawing and then train advanced techniques. Choose a specific niche if you are already familiar with basic drawing techniques. Pick a drawing style that you find interesting. Thus, you will complete the entire course and grow as a skilled artist. 

  • The length of the course

Find out art classes near me in Jaipur on FabsMeta. We will recommend many drawing and painting classes welcoming kids, teenagers, and adults. The length of the course can vary depending on the type of the course you choose. Choose a place where you can spend an hour or more time during your free time. The length of the course can be long if you wish to master some advanced skills!

  • Teaching Style

A skilled teacher can help students learn drawing techniques must faster than a newbie instructor. Some artists stay busy with their artwork. They are not good at training candidates, who do not know the basics of drawing. Avoid such drawing and painting classes in Jaipur or any other city!

Choose a drawing class offering tutors with beginner-friendly teaching methods. A patient and knowledgeable teacher can explain drawing concepts in depth. He will show examples, teach techniques you never knew existed, and ensure you learn new things every day.  

  • Training materials 

Does the drawing class require students to own pricey art supplies? Go for it if you can spend a considerable sum of money on all those supplies. If not, choose a class that starts teaching with basic drawing material. You can invest in quality brushes, paper, canvas, and other required items when you reach advanced levels. 

  • Price 

The final factor you should consider when searching for drawing classes is the drawing classes near me with fees. How much does the art institute charge for teaching drawing and painting? Are there different charges for different drawing courses? Make a well-informed decision after revealing all details.  

How Much Fees You Will Have to Pay to Learn Drawing?

Drawing classes charge 800-1000 rupees per month for teaching art, watercolour, oil painting, caricature, and comic-art lessons. The fees can vary depending on the reputation of the institute or the teacher. 

You will have to spend extra money on fees if you are training under a renowned artist. The best art classes in Jaipur and other cities charge up to 2000 rupees monthly fees. It is beneficial for trainees, who wish to become skilled artists or painters. Talented teachers ensure rapid growth with regular practice. Therefore, many kids and adults join those drawing classes. 

How Much Time You Will Have to Invest to Learn Drawing?

You will have to attend drawing classes for 5-6 months to learn various drawing techniques and draw like a professional. A 1-2 hours long drawing lesson will be enough to practice and master new techniques taught by a skilled tutor.

Benefits of Using FabsMeta to Find the Best Drawing Classes?

FabsMeta is the best place to find top-rated art classes Jaipur, and other cities in the country. We help users in finding the top training institutes and service providers for their needs. 

  • Recommending top-rated art classes in your own city:

Search for painting classes near me with fees with your city’s name on this platform. We will present pre-verified and the most reputed art classes in your area. You can also discover art classes in specific areas of your city. Thus, you won’t need to travel too far to learn to draw. 

  • Suggesting only the best art classes with skilled teachers

FabsMeta does not promote any company, business, or training institute. We carefully assess users’ reviews and pre-verify the courses listed by the drawing institute. Thus, we present the best results matching users' queries.

  • Best recommendations on emails

You can contact us and request suggestions for the best drawing classes at home in Jaipur or another city. Our team will respond with top-three shortlisted art classes via email to make your search easier. 

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