Complete Guide to Shift Your Bike from Your City to Anywhere in India

Complete Guide to Shift Your Bike from Your City to Anywhere in India

Bikes and scooters are essential to travel across the city. You need these two-wheelers to travel smoothly across the crowded streets of the city. You need proper planning to shift your bike and scooter if you are moving to a new city. The best bike transport services near you

Are you looking for a quick, safe, and reliable way to transport your bike to another city in India? Continue reading to find some efficient ways of moving the bike. Read this guide to avoid choosing an unreliable bike transporting service. 

Things to Check before Choosing a Bike Transportation Service in India

Moving a bike to another city is different from moving household items. It requires exceptional packaging to avoid scratches and damage. You need a top-rated bike transportation company, which has shipped many bikes safely. 

So, consider the following things before you search for a bike transport service near me on FabsMeta:

Pick the safest method to shift your bike to another city

India got the world’s fourth-largest railway network. Indian railways serve all major cities in the country. Most people choose to shift the bike through a train. It is the traditional way of moving a heavy bike safely, but it is not the safest solution. 

The leading bike shifting services use well-maintained trucks to move the two-wheeler safely. The moving service promises to transport the bike safely in enclosed trucks. Moving a bike by road is more expensive than moving it by railway. You should try it if you want to keep your two-wheeler in the best possible shape! 

Cost of bike transportation from the railway

Indian railway is perfect for transporting electronic, mechanical, perishable, and non-perishable goods. The cost of moving the bike through a train depends on various things. It is the railway authority that decides:

  • The train for moving your bike 
  • Whether your bike will be transferred as a parcel or as a luggage
  • Availability of space on a particular train for moving the bike
  • Whether it is possible to transport a bike to the target station or not

The cost of transporting bike as a Luggage vs. as a Parcel

  • Transporting via a train as a Luggage

The bike owner needs a confirmed reserved ticket on the train if he wishes to transport the bike as luggage. You need to carry the bike to the railway station at least a day before moving to complete all the required formalities. 

The bike transport service in Delhi for moving the bike as train luggage can be 25% higher than moving it as a parcel. You can pick up the bike as you reach the target destination. The train may not have ample free space to move the bike! 

  • Transporting the bike via a train as a Parcel

The Indian Railway parcel service is pretty efficient. It is a perfect option to transport the bike if you are moving the two-wheeler to a city located hundreds of kilometers away. The cost of moving a bike as a parcel is pretty affordable. The exact cost depends on the distance of the target destination. 

You have to visit the railway parcel office to complete bike transportation formalities. The bike owner cannot choose a train or loading and unloading methods. There is a risk of damage, especially if the train does not halt at the target station for more than a few minutes! 

Reputed bike shifting services in Hyderabad do not recommend transferring a bike via a train if the bike is new and well maintained. Continue reading to find safer alternatives. 

Cost of transporting the bike by the road

Most motorcycle owners in India choose to transport bikes by road. It is probably the most economical and convenient method. You do not need a collection of documents to shift the bike through a truck. Besides, the moving company takes full responsibility for your vehicle’s safety. 

There is no standard cost of transporting a bike by truck. The following factors decide the cost of moving a bike by road in India:

  • Motorcycle’s weight: Bike shifting services measure the size and weight of the bike to calculate the transportation cost. The bike’s size and weight hugely influence the moving cost. 
  • Distance between the source and target destinations: The cost of moving bikes via trucks will be low if you are moving the vehicle to a nearby city. The moving cost will be pretty high if the target city is located hundreds of kilometers away. 
  • Packing quality: Delhi’s best bike shifting services hire top-skilled packers to carefully pack the entire bike. Their job prevents scratches and damages. The packing cost is also included in the moving cost of the bike.  
  • The type of transportation service: Reputed bike transportation service providers offer both door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal services. 
    The transportation company will send professionals to pick up and drop off your bike if you choose door-to-door service. It is a more expensive method, but it is pretty convenient. 
    The Terminal-to-Terminal bike transportation method is more affordable. You have to drop the bike to the source terminal and pick it up from the destination terminal. 

The Approx. Charges of bike transport services from any city to anywhere in India are:

  • Rs. 2500-6500 for moving a standard bike
  • Rs. 3000-9500 for moving a cruiser bike  
  • Rs. 3500-8000 for moving a touring bike
  • Rs. 4100-9200 to transport a sports bike
  • Rs 4600-9100 to transport an off-road bike
  • Rs 5200-9500 to transport a sports touring bike

The above-mentioned bike transportation costs can vary depending on the distance and other factors.

Tips to Choose the Best Bike Transport Service

Search for bike shifting services near me. You will have many cargo parcel companies claiming to provide top-notch motorcycle transportation support. Consider the following things to pick the best agency for bike transport:

  • Choose a licensed and insured transport company:

Look for a reputed packing and moving company that has served hundreds of clients since its inception. Check their license, insurance, and certificates. Shortlist an ISO and IBA-certified Transport Company to ensure your precious bike will be moved safely to the destination. 

  • Visit the moving company’s office

The leading bike transport services in Bangalore have offices located across various regions of the city. Similarly, you can find a physical address online to visit the office of the moving company. An experienced transport company will have skilled representatives and workers managing the entire operation. 

  • Check previous bills

Shortlisted bike transport services should have served several bike/scooter owners in the past. Check some previous bills to ensure you are not dealing with a fraudulent company. 

  • Types of bike transport options available

Does the shortlisted bike transport service offer door-to-door bike moving or not? If not, then how much it costs for terminal-to-terminal bike transportation? Check the available moving options and compare the cost of moving bikes charged by multiple bike shifting services in Gurgaon. Thus, you can find the most pocket-friendly and reliable bike transport service in your city. 


Is it a wise decision to move a bike to another city when you can replace your old bike with a new one? Yes, you must transport your bike to the new destination if it is in well-maintained condition. 

the top-rated bike transport services charge a pocket-friendly fee to move the two-wheeler. You will pay Rs. 4000 to 9000 for transporting the bike to 400 to 1900km. The transportation cost is much cheaper than buying a new bike or scooter. So, go to and find the best bike transport service now.