Tips & Guide to Get the Best Cab Service for Local and Outstation Trips

Tips & Guide to Get the Best Cab Service for Local and Outstation Trips

How to Find the Best Cab Service in Delhi for Local and Outstation Trips?

India has some of the most crowded cities in the world. Thousands of new people move to urban areas in the country. The load on the means of public transport increases with every passing month. Therefore, it gets daunting to enjoy a smooth commute in public buses and metros. 

The best cab service in Delhi is offering some relief to users, who wish to commute quickly and safely. Do not presume that only a few multinational firms are offering cost-effective cabs. FabsMeta will help you discover more cab options than you imagined earlier. Continue reading to learn how to pick the right cab service for a regular commute in Delhi. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Cab in Delhi

The following tips will lead you to the top cab service providers in Delhi:

  • Pick a reputable cab rental agency

Many car rental services operate in Delhi. They provide vehicles for both local and outstation trips. Make sure the shortlisted cab rental company provides satisfying services. Its reputation will reveal everything. A company with positive customer reviews and appealing ratings will offer the best cab service in Delhi. Negative reviews and poor ratings reveal the unprofessional behavior of the service provider. 

  • Will you get a well-maintained car for the trip?

A dirty and stinky cab can become a headache during the entire journey. Car owners, who do not take care of their vehicles, do not seem responsible. You should avoid such cab service providers for your safety. Ensure the cab service provider maintains a fleet of perfectly cleaned and top-condition cars. 

  • Are cab agency’s drivers polite and professional?

There are many complaints against drivers of ridesharing companies operating in Delhi. Unprofessional drivers often trouble passengers for extra money. You won’t like to deal with such a cab company infamous for rude and novice drivers. Use FabsMeta to find a local cab service in Delhi with highly trained and well-mannered. 

  • Can you pick the route?

Cab companies usually use a route displayed on the map. It may be a long or unsafe route to the destination. Therefore, you may like to avoid it to reach your destination quickly and safely. Ensure you can choose a better route while riding the cab. If not, contact another cab service provider recommended by FabsMeta. 

  • Will you get the cab instantly?

People prefer cabs because they are affordable and readily available in bustling cities of the country. Users expect to get the car as quickly as possible when they plan to travel. Look for a cab company that promises minimum waiting time. It should provide drivers with the latest smartphones so that they can navigate easily to your location. Thus, your cab will arrive on time and you can start the trip as quickly as possible. 

  • Is advance booking available?

Look for a cab service in Delhi that offers an advance booking option. Those service providers are perfect for outstation cabs. You get a safe and comfortable car to enjoy the journey. Besides, cab services recommended on FabsMeta charge standard rates to ensure you enjoy the entire trip cost-effectively. 

  • Will the driver help in loading and unloading your luggage?

You must check this thing if elderly or disabled people are travelling in the cab. Ask the cab company if the driver can help in loading and unloading the luggage. If he can, then how much extra money the cab company will charge for additional help? 

  • Ask whether the AC is working or not

The weather in Indian cities can get pretty hot. Besides, growing pollution is another serious concern for daily commuters. You may find it pretty uncomfortable if the driver keeps the cab’s windows open throughout the trip. Ensure the AC is working so that you can enjoy a comfy commute without worrying about heat, dust, and pollution. 

  • How much the cab company will charge?

The cab service charges in Delhi can vary from one company to another. However, most cab providers charge 25 rupees for the first kilometre and then 14 rupees per kilometre for a non-AC cab. You will have to 16 rupees per kilometer after the first KM if you book an AC cab. Choose a cab service charging standard charges or offering a more affordable deal on FabsMeta. 

Where to Find the Best Cab Service in Delhi?

Users usually browse online for cab services when they have to commute to a local or outstation destination. Search engines present all sorts of results. Besides, some cab companies charge excessively for their services. 

Use FabsMeta to find the best cab service in Delhi. This platform will lead you to a top-rated and pre-verified cab service within a few minutes. You will get an affordable deal, especially for outstation rides. 

Cab Booking Checklist

Booking instructions

  • Go to and search for cab service in Delhi.
  • You will get top-rated cab renting agencies with a proven service history in the search result.
  • Contact recommended cab rental services and ask for estimated fare, additional charges (toll tax, driver’s expenses, cab maintenance charges if any malfunction occurs during the trip, etc.).
  • Know what is the waiting time, or whether you need to book the cab in advance to get the required car for a local or outstation trip.
  • Confirm the cab service can instantly arrange another vehicle if the required car cannot be available due to any possible reasons. It should not delay your travel plans. 
  • Ask the cab rental service whether the driver will help you in loading and unloading all the luggage you are carrying for the trip.
  • Contact the cab driver and ask him how many halts you can take during the trip for food, rest, and refreshing.

Passenger checklist

  • Pack all the required items in sturdy bags one day before the trip.
  • Keep your cash, debit card, or credit card ready for planned/unplanned expenses during the trip.
  • Charge your electronic devices and pack them safely in a dedicated bag or pouch.
  • Carry some snacks and refreshments with you if you are booking a cab service in Delhi for an outstation trip.

After trip checklist

  • Check all the bags and ensure the packed items are not damaged during the trip.
  • Ask the driver to help you in unloading heavy bags if you are carrying any.
  • Will you pay the car rental charges to the driver or to the cab rental company. Contact the cab company and then pay the fare after completing the trip.

10 Important Facts About Cab Services in Delhi

  • Some cab agencies do not make a proper background check before hiring a driver. Get the driver’s identity and do your research before booking the cab for outstation. 
  • Ridesharing companies can charge expensive amounts if cabs are not available. FabsMeta recommends cab providers who always charge a fair price. 
  • The top-rated local cab services in Delhi provide drivers, who are excellent navigators and well-trained for the job. 
  • You can book a cab days before the trip. Just search for cab service for outstation in Dehradun and you will find trustworthy car rentals charging affordable rentals. 
  • Cab rental charges increase if you wish to keep the AC or heater on during the trip. Confirm rentals with or without AC before booking the cab. 
  • Delhi’s cab services provide all types of cars. You can also book a luxury car if you wish to enjoy the trip luxuriously. 
  • Some cab providers may charge extra for toll tax and parking if you don’t discuss it beforehand. Avoid paying such hidden charges by discussing everything in advance. 
  • You don’t need to negotiate cab rentals with local cabs at the airport. Book the cab before landing at IGI Delhi. Try advance booking for a fair fare. 
  • Some cab companies only provide round trips. Ensure you are paying for the one-way trip if you aren’t travelling back anytime soon. 
  • FabsMeta suggests pre-verified cab rental services and provides instant assistance to resolve disputes. So, it is the best platform to find a reliable cab service in Delhi


You can save a considerable sum of money, get a well-maintained car, and travel with a highly experienced driver if you follow the guide shared in this post. The cab service charges in Delhi will seem pretty affordable if you choose the cab services recommended on FabsMeta.