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1550 Users enquired in last 30 Days

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Get Best Deal from Waterproof Rain Covers for Mobile Wholesaler in Mumbai

Water is the biggest enemy of mobile phones. Smartphone brands claim their devices are water-resistant and work efficiently when submerged. Users still experience water damage. They pay expensive repair charges when mobile phone’s components get damaged due to water and moisture. 

The best waterproof cover mobile in Mumbai eliminates the risk of water damage. It keeps your device dry no matter what. Buy a waterproof mobile case and you can carry your expensive smartphone anywhere you want. That case will keep you connected to the world in stormy weather and when you are diving.  

How Effective Waterproof Mobile Covers are?

People leave their smartphones in the car or at home when going out in stormy weather or enjoying seaside activities. They do not trust claims made by top smartphone brands regarding the water resistance of the device. There is a better solution to keep the mobile phone safe. It is a waterproof cover mobile supplier in Mumbai

Top-rated waterproof mobile cover manufacturers are providing high-quality mobile cases. Those mobile covers protect your smartphone against water damage, dust, and other contaminations. The following perks of water-resistant cases allure all users:

  • Uninterrupted connectivity!

It is tough to imagine life without a smartphone. That device became a source of entertainment, connectivity, learning, and earning. People do not wish to miss important calls or an opportunity to click breathtaking pictures. Therefore, users always carry their smartphones with them. 

Smartphones can withstand water damage till a certain limit. The phone will malfunction in stormy weather conditions or while you are boating, diving, or jogging in the rainy season. Get the best waterproof cover for mobile. It keeps your smartphone safe and connected to the world. 

  • Great underwater photography

Modern mobile phones provide top-quality cameras to click impressive pictures. Skilled users do not leave any opportunity of showing their photography skills. They go for underwater photography and capture some timeless pictures. 

The waterproof mobile case allows users to stay submerged for several minutes. People, who go diving, boating, and other such activities, use waterproof mobile Cover manufactures in Mumbai to protect their phones while enjoying the excursion. 

  • No need to worry about expensive repairs

Water can damage your device’s sensors, speakers, motherboard, display, and other important components. Smartphone service centers or local technicians can charge thousands of rupees to repair the device. There is no guarantee that the device will work efficiently once it’s repaired. 

Check the mobile waterproof cover price now. It is much cheaper than the expensive repair cost of water-damaged smartphones. Delivery men, marketers, service providers, technicians, and many other professionals use a waterproof mobile cover. It keeps the device safe and prevents unwanted mobile repairs. 

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Cover for Mobile Phones?

Demands for high-quality smartphone cases are always high. Waterproof covers are built specifically to prevent water damage. Consider the following things to choose the finest mobile cases created by mobile rain cover manufacturers Mumbai

  • Size of the mobile case

It is okay to choose a bit larger waterproof mobile pouch. Ensure it accommodates your device safely and allows you to pick up calls, check messages, and use important apps. Avoid buying mobile cases smaller than your device. 

A universal mobile case should be your first choice. Its diagonal size should be 7” to hold any modern smartphone safely. FabsMeta recommends the leading mobile rain cover manufacturers Mumbai. We connect users to the best cover designers in the country. You can express your needs and place a bulk order for high-quality cases. 

  • Waterproof mobile cover material and design

You will find mobile cases made of all sorts of materials when searching for waterproof mobile cover wholesale. Many brands use poor-quality plastic to produce mobile pouches. Avoid buying mobile covers that may tear off easily. 

You got many good waterproof mobile cover manufacturers to choose from at FabsMeta. They use high-quality PVC material to build a transparent case. Secure rubber seams keep the mobile case intact for months. The risk of water damage reduces when you choose a mobile case made of high-quality materials. 

  • Can you use your mobile phone?

Regular smartphone cases do not offer any protection to the smartphone’s screen. Waterproof mobile covers are built like a pouch. You get a transparent pouch that keeps the mobile phone safe. Ensure the cover offers a quick touch response. Avoid buying mobile pouches infamous for poor design. 

  • Check the IP rating 

The IP rating is a measure of a device or mobile cover’s liquid and solid protection levels. The International Electrotechnical Commission issues this rating. There are two numbers in the IP rating that relates to solid and liquid protection. 

FabsMeta recommends mobile rain cover wholesale retailers selling mobile cases with top IP ratings. You can get pouches with an IPX7 rating, which is considered pretty great. Such pouches can keep smartphones safe up to 25 meters of depth. 

  • Do you need a lanyard?

Choose a waterproof cover mobile with a lanyard if you wish to carry it conveniently. A top-quality waterproof phone case should come with an adjustable strap. You can hang the device on your neck or around your wrist while driving, diving, or walking on the road. 

Contact top manufacturers through FabsMeta if you are looking for a waterproof cover for mobile wholesale in Mumbai. Our service associates take bulk orders. They build and sell extremely durable and feature-rich waterproof mobile covers at affordable prices. 

Who are the Top Waterproof Mobile Cover Manufacturers in Mumbai?

  • Bobo

Bobo is one of Mumbai’s leading bike, car, and mobile accessory manufacturers. It builds top-quality waterproof mobile covers and sells them at pretty affordable rates. This Bangaluru-based company should be your top pick for placing bulk orders for waterproof mobile cases. 

Company: Bobo, NG Digital Solutions Private Limited

Address: NG DIGITAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED, 379, Rajpalya, ITPL Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, Mumbai – 560048

  • Clomana 

Clomana builds and supplies a top-quality universal waterproof mobile cover case. It is the first choice of many Mumbain retailers looking for mobile rain cover manufacturers Mumbai.

Company: Clomana

Address: Shed No. 2, Sy. No. 310, Patel Falia, Katargam, Surat - 395004, Gujarat, Mumbai

  • KBF Kraft 

This company specializes in producing mobile, personal care, kitchen, bathroom, and power tool accessories. Its waterproof mobile covers got top ratings from buyers. Many Mumbain retailers choose this company to place bulk orders for mobile accessories and waterproof mobile cases. 

Company: KBF Kraft

Address: West Gate, Shop 212, Opp Nagrikbank, 150ft Rd, Rajkot-360005, Gujarat, Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which company’s mobile cover is the best to prevent water damage?

A: The Bobo brand is providing the most reliable waterproof mobile cases in Mumbai. 

Q: How to make a waterproof mobile pouch?

A: Get durable and transparent PVC sheets, cut them in 7“diagonal size, and attach them through rubber seam. Use a waterproof zipper to prevent water damage. Thus, you can make a waterproof mobile pouch. 

Q: Do I need a water mobile cover if my smartphone got top IP ratings?

A: Yes, you should use a waterproof cover mobile if your device will stay submerged for hours. Use the case whenever carrying the mobile phone out on rainy days. 

Q: How much does a good quality waterproof mobile cover cost?

A: You can buy a durable and reliable waterproof mobile case for 70-350 rupees. 

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