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1550 Users enquired in last 30 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where plastic spoons are produced in Chandigarh?

A: Many companies manufacture and import plastic spoons in Chandigarh. You can find plastic spoon wholesalers on FabsMeta to place bulk orders at affordable rates. 

Q: What is the price of plastic spoons in Chandigarh?

A: Local retailers charge 15-20 rupees per packet of plastic spoons. The cost of plastic spoon packets goes down when you buy from a wholesaler. 

Q: Which machine do manufacturers use to produce plastic spoons?

A: Plastic spoon manufacturers in Chandigarh use Plastic Molding Injection Machines to produce a wide range of plastic spoons. 

Q: Are plastic spoons banned in Chandigarh?

A: No, plastic spoons are the most widely used items of disposable cutlery in Chandigarh. 

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Disposable Plastic and Wooden Spoons Wholesalers in Chandigarh, Disposable Spoons Manufacturers in Chandigarh

Many restaurants were closed in Chandigarh due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. People were not comfortable with ordering food because of the risk of contamination. Hygienic food preparation and packaging methods made people believe that restaurants can still meet their demands. 

Plastic spoons and food containers became pretty popular during this era. Today, most restaurants and eateries provide plastic spoons to maintain hygiene. Plastic spoon wholesalers in Chandigarh have supplied millions of durable spoons. FabsMeta became the best platform to discover plastic spoon wholesalers all across the country. 

Why Should You Buy Plastic Spoons Directly from Wholesalers?

Chandigarhn restaurants, tea stalls, bars, pubs, and other similar establishments serve a variety of delicious items. Many of them provide plastic spoons to avoid hygiene issues. You may also need a bulk supply of those spoons if you run restaurants. Buy those spoons from wholesalers because:

  • You will save a lot of money

You are serving and delivering delicious meals to soothe customers’ hunger cravings and make some profit. You may lose customers if you do not provide cutleries. Therefore, you have to buy a large number of plastic spoons to serve delicious foods. 

Avoid buying spoons, plates, and other cutlery items from local retailers. Small retailers charge a little extra on plastic spoon packs to earn some profit. You can reduce the cost of plastic spoons if you buy directly from disposable spoon suppliers in Chandigarh or another city. Wholesalers offer better deals because they sell large volumes of plastic cutleries. 

  • You get better varieties in spoons

Disposable spoon manufacturers produce a wide range of plastic spoons. Wholesalers recommended by FabsMeta provide PP disposable spoons, small disposable spoons, transparent disposable spoons, coloured spoons, shaped spoons, and other varieties of plastic spoons. 

Local retailers may not maintain the required stock of all plastic spoon varieties. Therefore, you should contact plastic spoon suppliers in Chandigarh and explore the product options available. 

  • You can place a bulk order for the entire month

Restaurants and eateries require a large number of plastic spoons. Customers require spoons to enjoy dishes served at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Avoid buying a few packs of spoons per day when you can place a bulk order at once. 

Use FabsMeta to find the nearest plastic spoon wholesalers in Chandigarh. Contact them through our platform to secure a profitable deal on the bulk supply of plastic spoons. 

  • You can save the logistics cost

Many wholesalers include the delivery cost in the quoted amount. They ship ordered plastic spoons to the customer’s shop or restaurant. Customers save a considerable sum of money on the shipping cost of disposable products. That’s why Chandigarhn retailers and restaurant owners use our service to discover top-rated Plastic spoon wholesalers in Chandigarh, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, and other Chandigarhn cities. 

How to Find Top-rated Plastic Spoon Wholesalers on FabsMeta?

Follow the below-explained steps to find Chandigarh’s best plastic spoon wholesalers on FabsMeta:

  • Search for the wholesaler

FabsMeta makes the search for the required services and service providers pretty simple. Select your city and then search for low price plastic spoon wholesalers near me. This cutting-edge platform will process your query and present the best-matched results for your query. 

  • Pick a wholesaler

FabsMeta will recommend the most-trusted plastic spoon wholesalers from the city you have selected. Assess each wholesaler and the products he is offering. Shortlist the top 3-5 wholesalers from your city and then request quotes. 

  • Get quotes

Request quotes for plastic spoons once you have shortlisted wholesalers. The recommended wholesalers may quote similar rates or some offer better deals. Share how many spoons you may order on a weekly or monthly basis. Our service associates will quote extremely pocket-friendly rates if you buy a large number of spoons. 

  • Contact the wholesaler

We provide all essential details related to the top plastic spoon wholesalers in Chandigarh. You can contact them through FabsMeta, place the order, and get products delivered on time. The recommended wholesalers promise to deliver durable, clean, and top-quality disposable spoons. Therefore, our users trust them and use their services time and again. 

Why FabsMeta is the Best Platform to Find Plastic Spoon Suppliers in Chandigarh?

FabsMeta has become one of the leading online service aggregator platforms in Chandigarh. Users admire the solutions we offer because:

  • We recommend pre-verified plastic spoon wholesalers

We do not list any service provider, manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler without verification. Our team ensures the business is legit and committed to delivering the highest quality service. 

  • We present the most beneficial solutions for users

The logistics cost can be pretty high if you import disposable spoons from a far-located wholesaler. We help users in cutting the logistics cost and source top-quality plastic spoons from the nearest wholesalers. 

  • You get quotes from top-ranked wholesalers and you can compare them

Our service associates respond quickly whenever users request quotes for disposable spoons. Users get details on wholesale prices of spoons and they can compare them online to make a quick decision. 

You won’t compromise on the quality of plastic spoons and buy them at pretty affordable rates if you use FabsMeta to find disposable spoon suppliers in Chandigarh or any other city. So, find the wholesaler now!

Top 3 Plastic Spoon Wholesalers in India

  1. M. K. Trading

Address: GODOWN NO. 13 RAICHUR STREET NEAR DEV KRIPA BLDG, J Rathod Marg, Chandigarh, Maharashtra 400009

This company has served customers demanding durable plastic spoons, disposable spoons, food boxes, and disposable spoons since 2000. It produces premium quality spoons and ships them all across Maharashtra and other states. 

  1. Tag Overseas

Address: C 1/10, Rana Pratap Bagh, Delhi- 110007, Delhi, Chandigarh

Tag Overseas is a Delhi-based manufacturer and wholesaler of disposable spoons and wooden cutlery items. It got a range of biodegradable products that you can buy at wholesale rates. 

  1. Madhav Enterprise

Address: Madhav Enterprise, 49, Aadarsh-1 Ind. Estate, Opp. Murlidhar Soc., Near Johnson Pump, Chhotalal Chawl Odhav, Ahmedabad - 382415, Gujarat, Chandigarh

Madhav Enterprise is a Gujarat-based company specializing in manufacturing and exporting a variety of reusable, disposable, and plastic spoons, sporks, forks, and cutlery items. 

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