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1550 Users enquired in last 30 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the GST rate on wooden disposable dona spoons in India?

A: The government taxes 18% GST on wooden disposable dona spoons. 

Q: What is a wooden disposable dona spoon’s HSN code?

A: The HSN code for this product is 4421 in India 

Q: Are disposable wooden spoons safe for your health?

A: Yes, top-quality disposable wooden spoons are safe for all consumers’ health. 

Q: Are plastic spoons more durable than biodegradable wooden spoons?

A: No, disposable wooden spoons are much stronger than plastic spoons. 

Q: Can you buy wooden disposable spoons for your home from a wholesaler?

A: Yes, you can buy wooden cutlery at wholesale rates if you place a bulk order. 

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Top Disposable Dona Spoon Wholesalers, Suppliers, Manufacturers in Nagpur - FabsMeta

Indians are fond of having delicious snacks. They frequently visit local restaurants, food trucks, and popular food franchises to enjoy delicious meals. Business owners serve those foods with plastic spoons, which upset many indians. People prefer wooden dona spoons over poor-quality plastic spoons. 

You should start serving food items with easily disposable wooden spoons. It is a simple change you can make to impress regular customers and draw new customers. The top wooden disposable dona spoon suppliers in Nagpur are ready to provide top-quality disposable spoons. You should use FabsMeta to find them and buy the top disposable spoons for your customers. 

Things That Make Wooden Disposable Dona Spoons a Better Choice than Plastic Spoons

Wooden dona spoons became the first choice of reputed businesses serving top-quality meals. The following things make wooden spoon disposable a better choice than their alternatives:

  • Environmentally-friendly

It became a challenging task to deal with plastic spoons, plates, and food containers. Garbage collectors dump those plastic spoons in landfills. Plastic forks, spoons, and food containers can take up to 1000 years to decompose! Those utensils are polluting our environment. 

Disposable wooden spoons do not pose any threat to our environment. They decompose within 3-4 months without affecting the surrounding area. Disposable wooden spoon manufacturers are doing a great job of producing durable cutleries. Use them to attract customers concerned about our environment! 

  • Stylish and comfy

It is tough to focus on the food you are serving when the customer has plastic spoons with sharp edges. Cheap quality spoons make a bad impression on customers. They avoid food trucks and restaurants, which serve food items with plastic cutleries. 

Wooden spoon disposable is pretty comfy. It does not have sharp edges and it is much easier to hold. Wooden spoons also look pretty stylish. You will find limited food-related businesses offering those spoons. Therefore, you have a chance to provide better service with delicious food. 

  • Bacteria-free cutlery

Many disposable wooden spoon manufacturers use wood, such as neem, oak, teak, and pine to produce wooden cutlery. Those woods resist bacteria and whereas plastic attracts germs and bacteria. Wooden dona spoons are much safer for your customers than plastic cutleries. 

You can use bacteria-free wooden dona spoons to attract health-conscious customers. They will happily pay extra to enjoy hygienic food with germ-free and stylish-looking spoons. 

  • Affordable and durable

Plastic spoons have a pretty thin handle and neck. They break easily when users use them to slice delicious food items served in restaurants. Wooden spoons are much tougher and easier to hold. Manufacturers offer different types of disposable spoons to eat different types of food. 

Check the disposable wooden spoon price. You will not find a major difference between the wholesale price of plastic spoons and wooden spoons. Serve food with a disposable wooden spoon and you will certainly notice a significant improvement in your profit. 

Tips to Find the Best Wooden Disposable Dona Spoon Suppliers in Nagpur

Many reputed companies are producing, importing, and wholesaling disposable wooden spoons. It may take hours to find a reliable wholesaler who can maintain a steady supply of top-quality disposable spoons. The following tips will help you in finding the best manufacturers and suppliers in a few minutes:

  • Search for wooden disposable dona spoon wholesalers on FabsMeta

You can avoid scrolling several pages of your web browser if you use FabsMeta. We offer a user-friendly platform for finding Nagpur’s top disposable cutlery suppliers online. You are going to save a lot of time and money if you use this platform to source disposable dona spoons. 

  • Stay focused on pre-verified manufacturers/wholesalers

Pre-verified manufacturers or wholesalers are business owners, who have been in this business for years. These are professionals producing and supplying top-quality wooden spoons for years. They have consistently improved product quality and provided the best wooden disposable dona spoon suppliers in Nagpur price

All the recommended wholesalers are pre-verified professionals on FabsMeta. They have maintained customers’ trust by providing top-notch solutions. Therefore, our users never worry about the quality of the service or materials. 

  • Request quotes

You will find several top-ranked wholesalers on this platform. Some of them meet your requirements better than other suppliers. Request quotes to get the latest wholesale rates of wooden disposable dona spoons. 

Our service associates will quickly share cost details for the required quantity of disposable spoon packets. Picking the most pocket-friendly deal will be super easy once you got quotes from the top wooden disposable dona spoon suppliers in Nagpur

  • Prefer wooden spoon wholesalers or manufacturers located in the region

There are many benefits to buying wooden disposable spoons from local wholesalers. You can contact the wholesaler through FabsMeta and authenticate their credibility. The supplier will happily ship ordered packs of spoons without adding exorbitant delivery charges. Thus, you will save a considerable sum of money. 

Why FabsMeta is the Best Place to Find Wooden Disposable Dona Spoon Suppliers?

FabsMeta makes users’ search for top-rated disposable wooden spoon manufacturers pretty simple. You will have the best manufacturers/wholesalers within a few seconds. Besides, you can compare quotes only and get assistance to find the best wholesalers near your location. 

Top 3 Wooden Disposable Dona Spoon Suppliers in India

  • Tag Overseas

Address: C 1/10, Rana Pratap Bagh, Delhi- 110007, Delhi, Nagpur

It is a Delhi-based company manufacturing, importing, and wholesaling biodegradable spoons and cutlery items since 2007. It maintains an extremely hygienic environment while producing and packaging products. 

  • Crown (P) Ltd

Address: Shop No. 9, RN Mukherjee Road, Kolkata- 700001, West Bengal, Nagpur

This Kolkata-based company is a trusted manufacturer and distributor of disposable spoons and biodegradable cutleries since 1970. It is a well-known name in the industry and many customers trust this firm for an affordable disposable wooden spoon price

  • Rajendra Trading

Address: 20, Raghukul Industrial Estate, Opposite Gurudwara Adinath Road, Odhav, Ahmedabad- 382415, Gujarat, Nagpur

Rajendra Trading is a reputed company, manufacturing and supplying a variety of disposable wooden spoons, toothpicks, coffee stirrers, and straws. This firm promises to provide top-grade disposable spoons at pocket-friendly rates. 

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